A wedding time for a couple is to shine in their best and most elaborate outfits. We have to admit brides have always been the hot potatoes, be it their dazzling wedding dress or the elegant jewellery. They have always been in the public eye. But immensely looking for the bridal inspiration, we forget about our dashing grooms. 

The times had passed when the Indian groom wear was all about cream coloured sherwani or kurta pyjamas at their wedding festivities. The grooms are also becoming the centre of attention by making a stylish appearance at their wedding ceremonies in fashionable outfits. 

Yup, from embroidered Nehru jackets to floral print jackets, vibrant coloured kurta pyjamas to classy sherwanis. We have curated dapper Indian grooms who have left us awestruck with their rocking outfits on their Mehendi, Haldi & wedding day. These fashionable Indian groom wear will make you give #outfitgoals at your wedding. 

And above all, brides-to-be can also take some cues, if they plan to colour-coordinate the wedding outfits.

Here are some of the top trends we have spotted on the most dashing grooms:

1. Go Monotonous with Ornaments to Add a Dash of Colour

Look back to what Nick Jonas and Virat Kohli sported on their wedding. Well, you can never go wrong with a time-honoured monotone look. You might be querying this to be too mild as it consists of a singular shade from top to bottom. But, hello, adding on some jewellery on your safa or turban and pulling out a royal necklace might just bring it on the beat!

2. Wacky Pop Tuxes!

There are an oodles of new shades and textures for the snazzy jazzy grooms who want to break the common-old black, grey or navy suit boredom. Go for seasonal tones like dark wine or textured hunter greenness during winter and pastels in the summertime. Also, try-on with various textiles like linen, velvet or brocade to stand out of all!

3. Alike Color, Various Tones

The foremost thing about this apparel is that you can twin it and pull it out with the bride's or the groom's men wedding outfit. Yay, matching outfits for couples and the squad! One of the significant trends this wedlock season is to pick the identical shade range of costumes for both the groom and the bride, but get offbeat plethora levels. For example, a groom in navy and the bride in ocean blue. Or the groom in Indigo and the groom's men in Prussian blue.

4. Jack-et up, suitors!

Draw attention to your straight coloured Kurta with a spiffed-up jacket! Grooms who like to cling to wrapping jackets or coats would fancy this trend for their wedding. It is a classic fusion of both the Western and Indian components that looks super chic!

In a cosmos full of universal chic trends and voguish fashions, marriage season presents leisure to paint the town red with our folkways and traditions. Vivid decor, music, rock n' roll and elegant ethnic looks are the memoranda as you live it up with your loved ones. Indian weddings are a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and rituals that make each ceremony look special and unique.

Be extraordinary but be yourself! Look swanky dude who will develop a family, courtesy to your improbable new chromas and vogue picks. You will just keep on swagging the night of your wedding.

We are bold about your creativity and mingling your fashion hues with your spirit of style statement. With a wide range of options for festive occasions. 

The Brown Bride Co. team captures combine contemporary elegance in the pictures with elegant Indian artistry! You can check more of our recent work on our Instagram & contact us here.