Back in those days, pre-wedding photoshoots were a rare luxury. Still, couples nowadays realize the importance of snapping precious moments apart from an outdoor wedding photoshoot before they get hitched for life. 

Pre-wedding photography has become an essential to-do, high up on the list of things to strike off before the wedding day.


Whether you are posing on snow-capped mountains or chilling in your pajamas binging on pizza when it comes to pre-wedding shoots, we see it all happening! 


From striking your signature' couple pose' amidst the lush greens to capturing mesmerizing candid shots of the two of you strolling along the beachside, a professionally creative pre-wedding photoshoot gives you numerous shots to showcase both your charm, personalities, and your creativity.


While some are the stunning eccentric locations that matter the most, others are upbeat posing in their backyard in sleepwear. Crazy couples go all out, experimenting with these shoot ideas. 

And Naah! We ain't complaining. At TBB, we're delighted to get to click a plethora of heart-stirring pictures. 


However, at times, we've noticed couples being quite puzzled about whether they should be getting a pre-wedding shoot done or not. Yes, it does mean a slightly added expenditure, eats out a bit into your tight schedule, and facing the camera a bit more. 

But, hey! Having a pre-wedding shoot sort out a cartload of things, and it has a whole lot of hidden perks. 


Newly engaged couples book Pre Wedding shoots with the photographers a couple of months before the actual wedding to get to know their work well. Some couples book the shoot to get rid of their nerves in front of the camera. 


However, if you're still not swayed and are hesitant to take the plunge, TBB brings you 10 benefits of a Pre-wedding shoot and why it should be the essential part of your wedding!

Capture this memorable phase of your relationship:

What's most precious for a couple is making as many happy memories as possible. There's a particular phase in every couple's love story in the weeks and months preceding your wedding. 

These days build the big day, which is extremely exciting and cherishing as you have great things to look forward to, and the planning itself is such a blast.

An artistic pre-wedding photoshoot allows you to convey your love tale and your chemistry in beautiful frames that can be timeless in the years to come.

Pre wedding couple shoot in hyderabad

Dump the camera nerves

If you are camera-friendly, it's a good news because you won't be encountering any issues. But, in case one of you is camera-cautious, this is an excellent chance to start making yourself used to the idea of having a camera or a bunch of them all around.

Striking a pose in front of the lens isn't everyone's cup of tea, and facing a camera suddenly on your big day can make you shy, awkward, and highly conscious, preventing you from enjoying the festivities. 


Being romantic with your partner otherwise is entirely different when no one's looking than when you have a whole team of photographers clicking you from every angle. 


We all get camera-cautious when the attention is entirely grabbed on us. Getting rid of camera nerves is extremely important to get great photos on your D-day.

Put your hair and makeup artist on a test ride:

While you may have call shots on a particular hairstyle or a makeup look for your wedding ceremonies, things may look quite different in pictures than it does in-person. 

This is an excellent plunge to check out different looks with various vendors to identify problematic areas, if any, and make in the nick of time changes. 

An outdoor pre-wedding shoot can even act as a test flight to see how long your makeup or hair can hold up under the sun if an outdoor ceremony is on the cards.


It is an excellent chance for you to check out the work of your potential vendors during this period. When it comes to your hair and makeup, it's best if things are not mishmashed at the end moment. 

Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Get your creative juices flowing:

Gone is the era where the photographer instructs the couple to strike arduously dull poses. There are ideas to be found online that'll capture the relationship you share in the best possible way for the new-age couple who wants to take the less beaten path. 

Weddings can be a more formalistic affair where one is surrounded by guests. A pre-wedding photoshoot is an ideal occasion where you both can let yourself loose and get your creative juices flowing.

Spending pre-wedding quality time together:

The engagement phase is remarkable for both the bride and the groom and deserves to spend good quality time together. 

During the main events, they have to take into consideration the traditions and culture to be followed. They feel shy about getting too close in front of the large gathering, even for the pictures. 

But, when it comes to the pre-wedding photo shoot, the couple can get close as there is only one extra person there, the photographer. They can kiss, hug and dance with each other freely without the fear of being judged during that time. 

Additionally, the best pictures can also be clicked when the pair is in a completely free state, enjoying each other's company.

High-quality pictures to get yourself 'gram ready!:

Now that you are a couple, you'll have numerous moments to post photos on social media. A blurry, casually captured image on the phone just doesn't make the mark in such cases. 

A professional pre-wedding photoshoot blesses you with a large set of timeless, high-quality pictures to share with your dear ones and even use in the future to celebrate your milestones.

Multi-Purpose of Pre-wedding photoshoot:

Having Pre-Wedding shoot photos gives you the leverage to use a few images to save the date or invitation cards. 

You can also use those eye-popping pictures to invite and inform your friends on social media about your wedding. Reminder or souvenir messages on WhatsApp would look amazing if you use Pre-Wedding shoot photos in them.

Couples generally use the wedding images as photo frames to dangle on the walls. Mixing with Pre Wedding shoot images will enhance the appearance to a more superior standard. You may also display the Pre-Wedding images on canvas and decorate your room with them!

A chance to make the wedding album thicker:

More is merrier, and when we talk about the wedding pictures, there is nothing known as "too many photographs." 

The pre-wedding photoshoot with your partner becomes a beautiful addition to your collection of marriage memories. 

You get a chance to be funny, romantic, and the ''true you'' in front of your spouse-to-be during the pre-wedding shoot.

A mini-vacay to an Exotic Location:

One of the most zestful parts of an outdoor pre-wedding shoot these days has become the choice of location. Additionally, the best pictures can also be clicked when the pair is in a completely free state, enjoying each other's company.

It may be your first meet spot or the spot where you shared your feelings, or the first kiss. A pre-wedding photoshoot at places like these not only takes you back to those precious moments but also tones up the bond between you both.

If you are planning on exploring an exquisite offbeat location for your shoot, you can have the time of your life!

Building a Bond with the Photographer:

A pre-wedding shoot allows your photographer to know the couple better and understand your expectations on the wedding day. You can tell your photographer which photos or styles you like. This will aid your photographer in focusing on those types of pictures on your wedding day.

You'll get a pact of how your photographer will direct you on your wedding day to get the best timeless images to ease you on your Wedding Day!

What's most important for a couple is making as many happy memories as possible. Before the wedding day, couples generally get very little time to spend with one another due to hectic outfit trials, vendor meetings, and shopping schedules. A pre-wedding shoot is an excellent opportunity for y'all to bond, spend some quality moments and destress.


We hope you have an awesome Pre-Wedding photoshoot. 

All set to get clicked by us?

The Brown Bride Co. has the best locations to get your shoot done on different themes and backgrounds. 

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