"I wish I had this checklist when I got married"

I was a bride too, before I became a wedding photographer. I still have got some regrets when I look at my wedding pictures and wish I had this checklist handy with me back then. Based on my experience, I've noted down a few of the important image check-list which usually gets missed out at Indian weddings.

To all the couples getting married in the year 2020 or rather anytime, this blog will come quite handy as we put together all the must-have wedding photos to make your album look picture perfect. Apart from the intricate & small elements that need to get captured & not miss out on, Here is a list of must-have wedding photos you need to take on your wedding day. 

1.Getting ready Photos

It's a documentation process of a bride and groom getting ready for their big day.

WHY: This is a must for all the brides & groom to be. Documenting this moment is the first & one of the most important images for your memory. Since it cannot be explained in words. Those moments are quite delicate, filled with chaos & peace both in the air. These are the defining moment especially for a bride as these Indian bride getting ready photos mark the starting of final few steps towards a new life.  

WHEN: This has to be documented right from the first base of your makeup to document all the details until you wear that wedding dress, put the perfect hair, makeup & jewelry altogether.

2.Wedding accessories

The jewelry, watch, earrings, belts- basically everything that you put on your wedding day.

WHY: We believe every accessory tells a story. The wedding rings, the jewellery, the watch - all of these are going to hold a certain importance in your lifetime.

WHEN : These accessory shots are taken during the Indian bride getting ready photos which are captured at the start of the event.

3.Wedding Venue

It's usually the most forgotten ones, the couples needs to take the images with the wedding venue where they got married.

WHY: Remember the atmosphere of your wedding with photos which is again a memory of a lifetime.

WHEN: Literally one of the first images that gets created in any wedding event usually taken in empty halls either at the start or end of an event. 

4.Bride & Groom Portraits at the Beginning

These are not the forgotten ones but the most ignored one at the right time which should be clicked usually at the beginning of the event.

WHY: Once you have your hair and makeup done, have your wedding photographer take some photos of you in poses that you may have like one of those models of a cover magazine, reminding you how you felt as a bride & groom on the happiest day of your lives.

WHEN: This needs to be taken at the beginning of an event before Indian bride getting ready photos to have the fresh look once you get ready.

5.Joint Family Group Image

WHY: Rest everything can wait. Make sure to take a Joint family group pictures with all the generations of old and younger one in one frame.

WHEN: This should be taken either before or after the ceremony. These are the photos that you will cherish forever and be grateful to have.  

Family Group Combinations

This is again one of the delayed or ignored one. Since wedding is all about the families and relatives come together for the celebrations, you definitely shouldn't miss out on this one.

WHY: We swear by this one. Make sure you get quick snaps with aunts, uncles, cousins, or close family friends, and all the possible combinations of your closed ones like:

  • Bride with Mother & mother-in-law
  • Groom with Father & Father-in-law
  • Bride with Groom’s siblings
  • Groom with Bride’s siblings
  • Couple with both Bride & Groom siblings.
  • Couple with both Bride & Groom parents.
  • Bride with groom relative combinations.
  • Groom with bride relative combinations.
  • Bride with just the parents
  • Groom with just the parents
  • Bride with her siblings.
  • Groom with his siblings.
  • Couple with grandparents.

WHEN: Right after the rituals, get your photographer click the main family, close relatives and friends to take the pictures with the couple with as many combinations as possible.

6.Cousins & Friends Pictures

It's quite self explanatory but the cousin pictures are the ignored one.

WHY: They fill the vibe with a lot of energy & happiness, taking care of everything minute at the events. They are one of your closest friends.

WHEN: Should be taken right after the rituals, you can suggest your photographer by showing them all the cousins

7.Bride Vidaai/farewell images

The images which are created of a bride bidding bye to her family & walking towards a new journey.

WHY: It's one of the most important part of the bride & groom's journey and this can't be ignored.

WHEN: Clicked and documented at the end of the event of the entire vibe, you cannot miss out on this one for anything in the world.

So this is a must have wedding photos in your wedding. Hope you find this wedding blog useful & handy whenever you’re tying the knot.

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Hyderabad Female Wedding Photographer

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Being a wedding Photographers

My Shoot day WorkFlow would be

Being a Hyderabad Wedding Photographer, I've seen all kind of weddings. Be it Telugu weddings, Muslim weddings, Christian weddings, Marwadi weddings etc. 

What I've learnt that, every custom and region not only expect creative images but other images during weddings like candid moments.

But due to the heavy rush which is commonly present in Indian weddings, certain set of images are overlooked & ignored. 

Hence based on my previous experience, I've put together & shared a list of “Must have wedding photos” above which usually gets ignored & not prioritized.

So, we at Brown Bride co, make sure to follow a certain workflow of the images that needs to be taken during weddings.

Apart from the regular custom & rituals pictures, we always ensure that we definitely do not miss out on "Indian bride getting ready photos" for the couple.

For this, I make sure one of us head to the event hall or wherever the couple is getting ready, an hour early than scheduled. I start by observing & taking the outfit and jewellery details to begin with.

It is more of a silent documenting style in the dressing room that we follow without disturbing the makeup artist or the bride - groom.

We usually co-ordinate with the makeup artist and one of the bride's and groom's sibling or cousin for a smoother process. Right after the getting ready documentation process, I request the couple to allot sometime for their couple & bride and groom portraits before they head to the wedding hall.

We mainly checkout some spots for portraits for them in the most preferably available natural light to create the images when they are ready and fresh.

We generally suggest couples to allot about a least of a 20 mins - 45 mins at the higher end for the couple and solo portraits session. Also, I personally make sure to create images of all the important people in the weddings from both bride & groom side.

But this is done only with the help from one of the cousin or sibling to gather all the family members to complete the joint family and combination pictures.

 We specifically allot one of the team-member to try completing all the cousins/ friends solo & group images by connecting with one of the cousin or sibling again. They are enthusiastic and happy to pose for us right after the important rituals like Jellakarra bellam, taali shoot in Telugu weddings. 

We always try to stay as flexible as possible based on the schedule to cover the bride farewell and bidding bye to her family images because they are my personal favorite.

Congratulations on successfully making it to the end of our wedding photography workflow. If you’re impressed & liked our workflow , you can reach out to us here for your Wedding Day. If you're someone getting married in Covid times, you can also check out

"Covid Wedding- Guidelines" & "Venue Ideas for Covid weddings 2020"

that might be helpful in planning your wedding.