Haldi Ceremony: Touch of gold towards a promising start of a lifetime together!

Just kidding, not as dull as the title sounds. It should've also been titled a crazy and colourful tale. Well, you'd get smear bride, groom, family, and friends with Haldi all over, you have permission to ruin your friends' outfits and there is naach-gaana everywhere! A perfect balance to tradition with a splash of craziness!

What is the prime thing that darts in your head when you catch the word "Haldi rasam?" Is it the yellowish paste, the lovely bride rouged in Haldi, folks jumping around and painting Haldi on one another and having fun, the aroma of the fresh yellow and orange marigolds, the joyful ethnic music, or perhaps it's all of them collectively!

An Indian wedding is never complete without gold in metal and colour. Many aspects of an Indian wedding like jewellery, decor, clothing, and even rituals can see yellow or gold in Hyderabad. Haldi's paste is applied to the bride and groom by the family members, kick-starting the wedding process. Haldi Ceremony, also known as Pithi Ceremony, is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals for groom and bride. 

A splash of Haldi meant to clean the soul and body of both bride and groom to enter into a sacred bond of love. It is believed that the yellow colour of Haldi brings good luck and fortune for the soon to be married couple. Some also believe that a paste of Haldi keeps the bride and groom from the evil eye.

Around various regions of India, a paste of Haldi is made differently, and Brides in Hyderabad prefer their Haldi paste to be made with ingredients like;

· Rosewater, Sandalwood power, Gram flour, Milk, Curd, or Oil

Apart from working as a beauty ingredient that exfoliates the skin to bring clear skin and glow, this paste has antiseptic properties. The ritual starts at the suggested auspicious time early in the day. Elderly married women initiate the practice by applying fresh-made Haldi paste to the bride and groom. Once the paste is painted, they are showered and bathed with rose water. 

The fun vibes kick in as near, and dear ones start smearing Haldi on each other. Younger family members are always on the lookout for spreading Haldi on each other and spray water that creates a rain dance kind-a atmosphere. It is lovely to experience the showers of blessings on the two families about to be joined in the holy bond of marriage. They shower them with love, blessings and groove all day long. However, another essential factor for any celebration is its decoration. The Haldi decor better be quirkier than the wedding decorations!

Haldi Decorations : Weddings in Hyderabad are no joke! Since the Haldi function is a close family affair, the decoration could be customized, with many DIY ideas to suit the occasion and keep the budget in check. Though it is one of the most intimate ceremonies before the wedding, there is still scope to make the ceremony stand out. We have curated best and quirky Haldi decor ideas from the TBB weddings, inspiring you and helping you have a fun-filled, colourful and trendy Haldi ceremony.  

Bright and peppy pinwheel For A Quirky Haldi Ceremony : These small hangings will raise the bar of the décor instantly. You could relive your childhood memories looking at these Haldi themed pinwheels. Well, you can take inspiration from this outdoor decor and hang them on the trees which would make them look funky or create a tent with pinwheel theme to give it a fun mela-kind-off feels!       

Colourful Umbrellas Hanging:

Umbrellas are not only used to protect us from rains, but they have also started being used for the out of the box decor ideas! Hang them overhead in creative ways. You can experiment with the size, shape and pattern! Though bright, colourful ones work best for a Haldi function! Multiple multicolour inverted umbrellas make for a cute yet simple decor idea that can be quickly executed at home as well.       

Marigold Mandap decors: 

A centre stage or a Mandap is integral to any function. A minimalistic Haldi ceremony can be, adorned with natural elements like banana leaves, flowers, and bamboo fibres for a realistic appeal. In Hindu mythology, a banana leaf is considered a sign of prosperity and fertility. It is where most of the activity & fun unfold during the Haldi rituals, and the bride and groom have their adoring candid wedding photography in Hyderabad from one of their wedding rituals.

Floral Wall Backdrop:

Keeping things minimalistic yet elegant is the new trend, but you need to think again about your "less is more" idea at a wedding. But if you still want to stick to that, then this pre-wedding Haldi decoration idea is just perfect for you! Having a floral backdrop will add more colours and make your Haldi ceremony more vibrant. Besides, adding a few flowers wouldn't hurt anyone!

An extravagant Flower power:

Decoration has numerous colour palettes and themes to work with. If the floral is the chosen theme, then there may be a combination of several flowers that could be considered. It is one of the trending décor ideas which is immensely versatile and eco-friendly. With minimalistic flower arrangement, it is possible to create a larger than life ambience as flowers can adore the main entrance as part of Rangoli or a floral arch at the guest's entryway to walk through.                

Our times have taught us to avoid clutter and stick to essential things for a living. However, weddings are once in a lifetime, and we yarn to make it as much cherishable as possible, filling it with everything grand in the world. Still, there are immense craft and natural elements that anyone can explore that suits the wedding style & budget yet makes it strikingly different. 

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