It’s that time of the year again & we are back with yet another blog that will help you plan your wedding in a budget friendly manner. 

Please read on below to get some real time tips on saving money while planning your wedding.

Yes, it’s true. Planning an Indian wedding doesn’t come cheap and it’s difficult to stick within budget. Some couples often have to seek financial support from their parents or dip into their own savings accounts in order to cover costs. But, the truth is that your perfect day shouldn’t have to be a financial struggle.

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, so you may feel pressure to plan an elaborate celebration. But there’s no need to go into debt. You can have a wonderful, memorable wedding—no matter what your budget is!

  • Plan ahead: Booking well in advance will save a lot of amount and expenses. Last moment booking of vendors, photographers and halls can make you compromise and cost a lot more than pre-booking on time. Advantage of seasonal offers can also be taken. As weddings are quite expensive, you need to have financial resources in your hand before the event. Please refer to the below link to book us for your big day. (insert Photography- tbb link) 

  • Talk to other married couples for tips - Trust us, these are the best kind of people you would need to turn while you are planning your wedding. Since they have been there and done that, please connect with your friends who recently got married to understand and take inputs from them.

  • Select fewer vendors: It’s another great way to cut down on costs and plan your events. Communicate with your vendors, set expectations and share the budget to plan things accordingly. Don’t get hung up on the little details just yet. Instead, think about the overall feel you want your wedding to have. When it comes to planning a wedding on a budget, knowing your priorities matters. 
  • DIY Strategically: Woah! You’d swear by this one! Time to get all creative with diy tutorials to create invites, elements for decor at home to save some money during your wedding events. You can also go opt for some digital invites. Yes, As long as you notify guests and can get the correct information, you will be all set!

  • Shopping: Bout time that you raid your mother & grandmother’s wardrobe to pick outfits and wear it with customised blouses for a timeless classic look for your wedding events. You can also pick your heirloom jewellery for your wedding events. Because as they old is gold! 

  • Combine events : You can ditch the idea of holding the ceremonies on multiple dates and keep the events one after the other to cut down on spending individually everyday. That’s a great way to re-use the decor as well. 

  • Analyze spendings: Depending on how elaborate you want your wedding to be, your total wedding budget estimate could be ₹ 5 Lakh or ₹ 50 Lakh. Assess your financial standing – how much you have, how much more you need, and what wedding finance options you have. As uncomfortable as this budget talk might be, just remember—it’s a heck of a lot easier when discussed.
  • Hold the ceremonies at home: Your home is the best place to hold smaller ceremonies & rituals with a gathering below 100, It will certainly hold a great significance & having the events at home will also be special to your heart.

  • Food options: You can try doing the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant for your events. That’s another best way to shell out money !

  • Scan the guest list : Due to covid pandemic, Your guests are aware of what’s going on. They will be understanding of the difficult position you’re in. People have already started to keep the guest list to a close knit circle so you know who to invite and for the rest, there’s always online streaming option. 

Your wedding is about the two of you and your marriage. And that will last much longer than one day of celebration. Through all of the wedding planning, remember not to lose sight of what truly matters. Spending a ton of money on your wedding day won’t prove your love for one another, but it can leave you with an empty bank account. It’s completely possible to throw a budget-friendly wedding that’s beautiful, stylish and affordable by following the above, that might be helpful.