Did you get a chance to attend any COVID wedding? If you did, you're surely going to connect with me with what I've experienced. On the other hand, If you haven't, you gotta read this on and know how Indian weddings have a different face now. 

I've recently attended a COVID wedding in Hyderabad and realized how much I missed holding my camera after solid 3 months as a wedding Photographer

Multiple things have changed at weddings postcovid. Read on to find more about the new normal for COVID weddings in Hyderabad, adapted by the people for good.

  • TIMINGS: Due to curfew restrictions in the city, all the covidwedding events have been moved to morning hours. Just like any other wedding shoot, I contacted one of the siblings to co-ordinate the timings of the event. The reporting time was around 7 am.
  • PRIVATE VENUES: The fear factor is rapidly increasing amongst people to book the function halls for their events and many people have found alternative venues to conduct their events. The engagement event was planned in their farmhouse, located about 68kms from my place, so I woke up at 5 am, got ready, and left home as soon as I could to make sure I reach the venue in time. 

Wedding Tip: If you don't have private property here are some Budget-friendly Venues for COVID weddings, that might help in people getting hitched in 2020

So moving on, I reached the venue right in time, full of anticipation. Sensing that I was way more excited than I probably should have been (anyone would think that it was my wedding !). My mind was churning so many thoughts with a mask on & gloves covering my hands. 

That's me in the center of the venue wearing a mask and gloves, all set for the shoot.

After entering the bride's dressing room, I saw the makeup artist Maneesh Kattam(with his mask on) along with two assistants working their magic already. The room had bride, her sister, sister in law & mother in law.

After introducing myself, I started clicking a few of the bride's getting ready pictures and the accessories. Meanwhile, I saw the groom's mother who got ready in time, so I took the opportunity to take her aside and quickly made a few Family photos. She was quite warm and posed sweetly for me.

I had a quick chat once the bride was getting her final makeup touches, she kept saying that "I need to calm down, I'm quite stressed". I gave her a prep talk and once she became all comfortable we made way to an empty area for her portraits.

The farmhouse was quite scenic with lots of greenery and lush sugarcane farm. I quickly took a good scan of the place and took the couple & siblings aside for quick bride photoshoot. 

  • DECOR & CHAIR PLACEMENT: The main area where the engagement is held, I saw about 40-50 chairs placed in a good distance and a beautiful Engagement decor with the couple's initials. Such mini stage decor has become a COVID trend now.
  • GUEST WEARING MASKS: The gathering count has drastically gone thin with hardly about 50 people in the event. All the guests entering the venue were wearing masks and sanitized at the entrance of the venue. It was quite refreshing to see all the guests understanding the safety measures and following the new normal.
  • COPS AS SPECIAL GUEST: There was a cop present in the venue who was observing everything from a distance. As they say, prevention is better than cure any day.
  • CALMNESS: It's a different sight to see the guests not indulge in any sort of conversation, without talking much with anyone and silently observing things around them.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: The guests avoided all sorts of physical contact with the couple. I barely saw anyone hugging with each other or doing handshakes for a matter of fact.
  • BRIDES ARE LOVING IT: While in conversation with the bride, she told me she's quite happy to see the affair being a private one with all the loved ones around her.
  • MORE STRONGER: Last but not the least, the purpose of a wedding is to be a public declaration of commitment and enduring love. It’s hard to imagine a more powerful testament to the durability of two people’s bonds than the story of how they survived a pandemic together.

Happy to admit that, weddings are still happening. I've experienced it personally and would like to mention, though it is a different experience but not much worrisome. With people acting socially responsible, there's nothing much to worry about. #thisshallpasstoo 

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