Covid-19 - came from nowhere to gatecrash & ruin our wedding celebrations. 

With everything being re-scheduled and postponed, It’s very hard to be rational right now. We see you, we feel you. That said, let’s take this one step at a time together.

So it’s now clear that everyone is struggling in this situation all around the world and it seems like it is here to stay for a while. Let's admit, there is nothing like Indian weddings – huge guest lists, lavish spending & gatherings filled with loads of food, love & hugs – which seems like a threat now!

But for how long? Can’t we just wait for a while & then get back to how it was?

We believe that we, in the Indian society, will not be able to go back to our pre-COVID normal of weddings till the virus is completely eliminated.Till then, there may be some element of risk which will need some kind of precaution. 

For complete elimination of the virus, we’d either need a vaccine or any other way to reduce the deadly effects of this virus. Till then we’re going to have to adapt and live with it. We understand it’s an incredibly emotional decision to have to put on hold something you have planned and waited for for months, if not years! 

Your first step is going to be to chat to your venue and your vendors to see if you can all work together to choose a new date. After that, you will need to inform your guests of your decision as soon as you can.

Assuming your wedding is coming up quick, an email, text or phone call to each guest is the easiest way to do this. You can always post on social media as well. We understand that you've spent a good sum of money on beautiful invitations or a super cute save the date for your wedding. But now it's time to do it again.

So, what do you do? Your guests are aware of what’s going on. They will be understanding of the difficult position you’re in. 

To avoid getting a TON of emails, messages, texts, and phone calls about what “the plan” is, I recommend getting ahead of it and let them know where your head is at. Even if the plan is to “sit tight” for now and you hope to make am official decision for your wedding . The key to this is communication.

So, cut yourself some slack! it's time for some digital invites. Yes, As long as you notify guests and can get the correct information with the new date or just inform them that it's postponed, you will be all set!! 

COVID-19 wedding invitation inserts can be as simple or as informative as you want them to be. But here are some fun ideas to lighten the mood of your guests.

"To our amazing friends & family, we regret to inform you our wedding has been postponed due to our least favourite word of 2020".

"A twist in plans- Dear family & friends, we recognise what is happening in the world and we’ve stopped consuming corona & postponed our wedding".

"Your health is more important than our wedding right now".

"We will party harder once this quarantine ends".

"Uh oh, it looks like our wedding plans might be changing".

It's time to welcome sanitisers instead of welcome drinks".

"We can’t say, I do - 6 feet apart".

"Don’t worry we will get to the good kind of corona".

"Uh oh, it looks like our wedding plans might be changing".

Plans change, hearts don’t!

Okay! So, shit got more real than expected!

"I'm sorry that Corona gatecrashed your wedding".

"It takes two to marry and a virus to destroy it".

"The honour of your presence is requested, a little later".

"Love is patient- but 2020 asked us to prove it. Quite literally".

"Roll with it ! It might not happen how you originally planned it, but it will".

So here are few examples which you can re-share amongst your friends. However, If your wedding has been postponed for more than 6 months, we suggest you resend invitations with new wedding RSVP details. 

Be well, be safe, and be smart. The only way we get through this is together. With love and hope for a better tomorrow. In case, you're curious to know how weddings are, post covid- head to our latest blog HERE, that might relax you a bit. #thishallpasstoo