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Last year was wonderful with a lot of grand weddings & wonderful experiences. Aneela & Akhil’s wedding was one of them.

The families were warm during all wedding celebrations held in Hyderabad in 2019.

All the wedding events were well-planned in the presence of closed family members & friends in Taj Vivanta & Green Park, Hyderabad. The wedding was held in Golkonda Resort & Spa, away from the city madness and the decor looked even more beautiful and elegant.

The weather was pleasant and the whole vibe was filled with love & good vibe. The resort had a joyful entry of the couple & a colourful Mehendi with guests having fun. There was a pre-wedding reception on a chilly evening followed by a midnight wedding in South Indian style.

The couple were quite camera shy and weren't comfortable for any Pre-wedding coupleshoot. During the wedding events, whenever we ask them to pose, they would look into each other’s eyes and smile. But the couple was happy to give us creative freedom, while we knew exactly what they wanted. More of wedding candids, she would insist ;)

Happy that we were also able to create some couple portraits before we wrap up the wedding shoot.

Thanks to the couple for finding us and making us a part of their wedding celebrations. We adore you guys for being so warm with me & the entire team.

Scroll down to see our favourite moments from their celebration of love.

Indian jewellery on textured tales,  image shot by brown bride wedding photography from hyderabad
pasupu in a silver plate keept on green grass, image by brown bride photography
bride wearing a yellow sare and pink blouse sitting on swing  and posing to brown bride photographer
theme family dress for haldi function - image by brown bride photography
applying yellow haldi to hands as a part of haldi function happend in hyderabad
family dancing in indian wedding bharath  while brown bride photography captures this moment
bride looking at groom romantically in there cocktail party
all girl wearing photo props and posing to a photobooth by brown bride photography
brown bride captures the moment of groom dancing with  bride in cocktail party
brides father dancing in marwari wedding bharath
garland exchange between bride and groom on engagement  event
bride and groom exchange the garland while candid wedding photographer brown bride shots this image
telugu bride and groom posing for a picture to brown bride photographer
father performs wedding ritual to his daughter on haldi day
bride wearing a yello and pink saree smiling at guest in her haldi function
parents giving a haldi shower to bride while she is dipped in water - image by brown bride photograph
brown bride photographer captures bride in wet dress
young ladies wearing white dress and giving a candid look to female wedding photographer
group family photo of hyderabad family in  hadi function - sot by brown bride wedding photography
brides mother overjoyed with happiness on haldi day - captured  brown bride photography hyderabad
hyderabad photographer captures the moment from haldi where father hugs bride
groom wearing green bandi and white kurtha and standing against pellikoduku  stage decor - shot by hyderabad wedding pho
family photo of hyderabadi from pellikoduku function
telugu  bride wearing a blue dress and gold chaing smiling at brown brides camera
family sitting for pooja agains pellikuthuru stage decore
father and son wearing a traditional wearing for pellikuthuru function
bride wearing a red dress and red garland and sitting in a pellikuthuru stage
group of female friends posing for wedding candid photo at hyderabad
telugu bride sitting in a swing and laughing out loud whule wedding photographer captures this image at hyderabad
bride and groom dancing in mehendi event under canopy decor in telugu wedding
bride getting ready for reception event in goldconda resort
groom wearing a suit and looking at mirror while getting ready to his reception
Bride and groom Looking having intimate moment while brown bride photographer shoots this image
Young family with daughter , all of them wearing party wear dress and posing for wedding photographer
bride wearing designer dress and groom wearing blue blazer and poses for engagment photograph
groom wearing white sherwani and pagidi posing for his wedding groom photo
all parental uncle carrying  the bride to mandap
vysya bride wearinng  white and pink wedding saree and posing to wedding photographer
Bride enjoying her wedding moment in mandap while candid wedding photographer captures this shot
black and white photo of appaginthalu ceremony in telugu wedding in hyderabad
bride smiling at hyderabad wedding  photographer
bride and groom exchange the jelakara bellam in telugu vysya wedding
groom touches bride feet as a part of wedding ritual in telugu vyshya wedding
candid wedding photo a bride living her wedding moment  at hyderabad
kanyadhanam ritual in telugu wedding  shot by brown bride wedding photography
they bride getting ready to get her knot tied with a happy face sitting inside the mandap- photo by brownbride wedding
bride wearing a wedding saree and getting hitched -shot by brown bride photography
groom being a part of telugu wedding ritual getting thalambralu - shot by brown bride hyderabad
telugu bride  laughing out loud in wedding celebration - brown bride wedding photography
bride being a part of thalambralu ritual  while sitting in center of the mandap
bride family and groom family exchanging the gift as a part of wedding ritual
bride and groom facing each other and talking while wedding photographer is doing his best
bride being shy while taking photo with groom - image by brown brown bride
bride and groom posing for hyderabd best wedding photographer brown bride
groom lift the brides as a part of wedding photoshoot concept by brown bride wedding photography hyderabad
apaginthalu photo by hyderabad wedding photographer
bride brown captures the bride being emotional at vidhai ritual at wedding
mom crying out holding bride after wedding - this emotion shot by brown bride photography

SEE WHAT Does OUR LOVELY COUPLE HAS to say about us!


Aneela says,

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"Being a not very camera friendly couple, we were apprehensive about choosing our wedding photographers. They made the entire process seem so effortless and easy ! We are in complete awe of the team of photographs ( would like to rather call them our new friends) who did a prefect job of clicking us. A special mention to Ayeshaa, who felt more like a bridesmaids than a photographer! The level of planning and coordination was no less than a perfectly planned corporate project. Great job guys ! Keep going !!"

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