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Telugu Wedding - Rajamundry | Brown Bride Photography

Of two people full of love with a positive approach towards life and believes in living it in the moment. 

This lovely bride of Hyderabad is quite a pampered & goofy one. Where as, our Telugu Groom is a fun loving, intelligent and a chilled out guy hails from Andhra. They are different and beautiful.

It’s amazing how universe brings two people together to spend rest of their lives. People who are brought up differently, working in different sectors with different lifestyles but are destined to be together. Their's was an arranged marriage set up by their families. I couldn’t believe that it’s an arranged marriage at first as the couple shared an amazing level of comfort and chemistry in their Telugu wedding photography Hyderabad. 

Wedding Celebrations:

We witnessed a South Indian Telugu wedding Style with a lot of happy and cheerful faces visible in their marriage photos. There was a fun sangeet with lot of spectacular performances & Haldi rituals where the entire family, energetic bunch of Bridesmaids & groomsmen took part with lot of love & excitement. The wedding was held in Hyderabad with a beautiful decor in the shades of pink hues and the reception was in Rajamundry with a grand entry of the couple done in style. 

Extremely excited to share their celebration from D- day, scroll down to see the pictures. We are sure you’re going to fall in love with!

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Kavya says,

“The best one could ever ask for your big day. You guys did an incredible job. Thanks Ayeshaa for making the most important journey of my life filled with bundle of memories, laughter and happiness. Couldn’t ask for more.
More power to you and this awesome team. Highly recommended! Kudos to team and their services.”

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